Living the Beatitudes


June 5, 2020
Submitted by Presvytera Kyriaki Fitzgerald, Cofounder and Executive Director of SCV, M.Div., Ph.D.
Diakonima Initial Impressions

We just completed our first week of SCV’s 9-week Series titled, “Living the Beatitudes: Everyday Encounters on the Spiritual Journey”. Five groups comprised of about 12-13 participants from North America and around the world, began meeting together with the help of two SCV co-facilitators. From within the context of our small groups, we now have embarked on a more than two-month journey. By all accounts, each of the groups in their unique way, experienced a deep engagement with their introduction to the Beatitudes as they wrestled with “Christ in the Everyday”; our “everyday”, today. Click here to read more...

June 5, 2020
Submitted by Anberin Pasha and Nikki Stournaras, Facilitators
Group E Friday 10AM

Our first meeting was striking. As we greeted and met each other digitally, I was reminded of the verse from Romans 5:20 “But where sin abounded, grace did much more abound.” We were a group of women of diverse ages, backgrounds and nationalities. What had brought us together in that moment in time was a deep commitment to Christ, amidst extraordinary suffering. We spoke simply and honestly of life’s trials and the grace we had received as we each bore our crosses with fortitude and faith. They were profound thinkers whose actions were compassionate and centered on Christ. I felt as if their presence was like the fragrance from the censor that wafts gently into the air reminding us that we were in the midst of Christ. Click HERE to read more...

June 12, 2020
Submitted by Anberin Pasha, Facilitator
Group E Friday 10AM

Carving a Space for our Lord

We were beginning our ascent up the mountain towards our Lord. Our pathway, the Beatitudes. The road seemed steep at first, and I, a bit unsure of my footing as we began our journey together. There’s this sense of anticipation that always builds up as Friday approaches, what will we discover? What is our Lord preparing for us? We started at the baseline “Blessed are the poor in spirit”.

Childhood memories and confessions nuanced by deep spiritual work infused our everyday struggles and permeated our reflections. We recognized these struggles for what they were, the Lord teaching us through each other to drop our burdens, as one member of our group gave voice through her experiences. As she spoke she was letting go of the heaviness and felt and appeared visibly lighter. Perhaps some of us may have dropped our load as well as it often happens when we grow together in Christ. Click HERE to read more...

June 26, 2020
Submitted by Anberin Pasha and Nikki Stournaras, Facilitators
Group E Friday 10AM

Meek But Not Weak with a Memoriam of Fr. Stanely Harakas

Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth.

What a gift it was to unpack this beatitude last week together with members of our group. We wrestled with the word ‘meek’. How do we navigate this world while acquiring the mind of Christ? He who took on the garb of a slave, relinquishing all the power of this world was unafraid to question the pharisees and their ways. As we pondered ‘meekness’ we listened to the story of Rosa Parks from one of our group members, as she described how Rosa Parks conducted herself when she was asked to give up her seat. She politely but firmly spoke truth to power with all the meekness of one who understood the quiet strength that comes with knowing the truth.   

As another member spoke we learnt the qualities of a meek person, he is one who is steadfast in his faith, drawing his spiritual strength from Christ, while refusing to be drawn into pettiness. Gradually through these beautiful examples a portrait of meekness began to emerge. He or she is someone who is rooted in love, who has acquired the mind of Christ and challenges us to go beyond earthly dimensions. Click HERE to read more...


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