Saint Catherine's Vision

Unity, Spiritual Renewal & Education

Saint Catherine's Vision is an international fellowship of Pan-Orthodox Christians, whose purpose is,

  • * To develop and implement initiatives especially supporting women's ministries in the Orthodox Church through prayer, fund-raising, education, research, training, mentoring, and other related programming related to theology and ministry.

  • * To promote spiritually and theologically sound approaches that facilitate the education, witness  and service of men and women in a manner which fully supports the participation of women.

  • * Central to the commitment of the organization is the practical expression of Orthodox theology and ministry "for the building up of the body of Christ" (Ephesians 4:12) which is His Church and share the light of Christ in today's world.



Professor Evangelos Theodorou’s of blessed memory original research in Greek on deaconesses is now available!

Click on the links below: 

 Volume I Heroines of Love: Deaconesses through the Age

Volume II Ordination or Appointment of Deaconesses



"Let us praise Catherine the radiant bride of Christ, guardian of Sinai, our helper and supporter. By the power of the Spirit, she silenced the arrogance of the ungodly. Crowned as a martyr, she now implores great mercy for all."