Dr. Beth Dunlop

St. Herman Theological Seminary, Kodiak, AK

Ph.D. in Theology from Boston College

       My husband and I came up to Alaska to teach at St. Herman Theological Seminary 17 years ago, and we have served as teachers at the Seminary ever since. While he was being ordained and we were having children (two boys currently 11 and 14, born in AK), I was finishing a doctorate degree at BC. With much help and encouragement I finished with a major focus on History of Christian Life and Thought, and a "minor" in New Testament. I have taught Patristics and New Testament as well as the occasional other class at St. Herman Seminary. Being "Matushka" (Presvytera) here has sometimes entailed choir-directing and traveling with my husband as he also serves villages a short plane-ride away. Serving in Alaska is always exciting--there is great need and service can take many forms: pastoral, administrative and manual labor. Most of our students at St. Herman Seminary are indigenous people from rural Alaska, and many suffer from the effects of joblessness, addictions and trauma. The public education in Alaska is often failing in these rural areas, and as a teacher I am challenged to communicate the Gospel and the mind of the Fathers to the local people. For some, English is a second language; for others, their low reading level may be due to other factors. For the past five years my husband has acted as Dean of the Seminary, and I have had to help more with the administrative side of things. Teaching continues to be my primary focus, and it is always a joy to serve the people here!



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